Who Dat?!

a bloggy mess is an impromptu internet adventure created by Jason Lapp and Craig Cramer. A longtime dreamer of various entryways into the seedy world of celebrity, Jason finally managed to get drunk enough to actually act upon his fantasies. But it’s not just a venue for Jason to spill verbiage, as he would never attempt anything as success-proof as a blog without help from his friends Craig and Ken, along with new pals Chris and Phil. The quartet quintet have always wanted to manage and contribute to a witty, albeit crass, website. Now they can. Now they will.

Jason (metaphysicalstyles)

Jason grew up on the grizzly streets of Cumberland, MD, where there were more bear than black people. Following graduation from a local high school that he still to this day loathes, Jason delved feet first into the Western Maryland music, substance and debauchery scene, while also perusing some degree in some subject from some local college. After wasting six years of his life, he opted to go away to college (“away” being down the road, and up the hill), where he eventually graduated with honors. Even in his mid-thirties, Jason still plays videogames, passively follows professional wrestling, listens to shitty punk-rock from yesteryear, and insists that there’s very little hope for the human race.

Follow him?! Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook | PSN: neuroned


CRAIG IS BEAUTIFULCraig (jupiterred)

Immaculate suit, pinstriped, with my shirt and tie
Girls know I’m fly — on the A-X-1 new floppy disk

Facebook ‘em! Watch him play weird games! PSN: jupiter_jones







KennethKen (amrev3)

A native of Northeast Ohio, Ken has lived in the mountains of Maryland for over a decade. A part time teacher and full time oddity, Ken enjoys writing, reading copious amounts of literature, cooking, listening to an eclectic variety of music, and spending time with his wife, furbabies, and other assorted family because, honestly, they have to hang out with him and not many other people want to.

A lifelong fan of Rasslin’, Ken considers himself a Smart Mark (Smark), and diligently tries to debunk the current storylines of the national Wrestling/Sports Entertainment companies. With a near Wikipeadia-like knowlege of Wrestling from the 1970’s thru today, he is considers himself the rainman of Rasslin.

Ken is an avid fan of Science Fiction, Fashion, and Pop Culture in general, and incorporates many of these with life, politics and religion in American Revolution 3.0, his blog in which he writes as Ken Brody.

12Chris (ebolaface)

Chris is an effortlessly depressing misanthrope who loves metal (particularly thrash), horror films, and Tastykakes. Originally from New Jersey, raised (somewhat) in Maryland and now a hostage in southwestern Ohio, he fancies himself as a pretentious film and music snob, but really he enjoys pop music and exploitation films just as much as he loves Neutral Milk Hotel and Paul Thomas Anderson. He loves lamp.


20140907_122240Phil (Cookieparty)

A native of West Virginia that has electricity, all of his teeth, and isn’t hooked on meth. Phil has been playing video games since 1985, on his first console the Atari 2600. If the game has been made, he has probably played it, and if not he has for sure heard of it.

These days, Phil has gotten into playing his guitar, Pokemon, reading comics, and watching pro wrestling. His favorite game is Metroid Prime, but Skyrim is a close second. He likes JRPGs, and doesn’t think Final Fantasy 13 sucked. His love for the Incredible Hulk and cookies are unmatched.

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