Mixtape Monday – August 18, 2014 “Scaling Mount Cyanide”



After all the excitement of last week’s chart-topping edition, I’ve decided to stumble back into what could be dubbed more or less my Mixtape routine: include songs that I’ve been vibing to all week, toss in a couple newish tracks, and see what YouTube has to offer via their sidebar. Sometimes, it all works out nicey-nice. As for this week…I guess you’ll be the judge of that.

So what fruit has this method born this time? For once, a mix loaded with more new than old songs, although a couple oldies managed to sneak their way in. We got the requisite hip-hop, some random funky shit, some high-quality mainstream pop, and some straight-up rock to round out the offerings. Something for everybody, no? Oh, I’m sorry. Did I forget a modern country track again? Damn me, maybe next time.

1. Material feat Ramm Ell Zee & phonosycographDISK “No Guts No Galaxy”

Apparently the idea of Material (with a varying cast of musicians) has been around since the late 70’s, and has been known to dabble in a range of jazz/funk/hip hop over the years. Kinda like a predecessor to Deltron or UNKLE. This is all news to me, since I just happened to stumble upon a reference to Ramm Ell Zee in a review the other day, which led me to this track on thee old Tube of You. Immediately being stupefied by the fact that such utter coolness has alluded me this far into my lifespan, I began to dig around for more. The album this track is birthed from (1999’s Intonarumori) is full of all kinds of good shit, including a Kool Keith cut that I almost slapped on here, til I found something even better…

2. Porter Robinson “Flicker”


Whoa. It’s like Skrillex joined up with The Go! Team while vibing over a Passion Pit instrumental.

3. Jessie J feat Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj “Bang Bang”


Pop overload. Grande continues her dominance, Nicki still can’t top “Monster,” and Jessie almost redeems herself from the shit I said about her.

4. Kimbra “Love In High Places”


So who’s this white chick that’s totally copping Erykah’s vocal schtick? Oh that’s right, it’s the girl from Gotye’s unavoidable “Somebody That I Used To Know,” except now she’s gone all Janelle Monae-weirdo on us. It’s a strange fit on paper, but when the funk gotsta to work, it  gotsta works.

5. LL Cool J feat Raekwon, Murda Mook & Ron Browz “I’m Nice”


Here’s a spoiler: if you’ve heard of ‘em before, they bring the expected fire. If not: yikes. Need some generic-ass ‘gangsta’ lyrics? Go ahead and give Mook a call, he’s always available.

6. DJ Shadow “Ghost Town”


While not the proper return to form (a la Entroducing) that everyone actually wants, not a terrible track by any means. Just more of a reminder that Shadow not only still owns a bag of tricks, but he can whip up a decent tune out of it when he’s in the mood.

7. Viktor Vaughn feat Kool Keith “Doper Skiller”

…and the fact that this existed without my knowledge? Damn.

8. Actual Water “Latoya”


Garage rock done really right. Harmonies overflowing. Surpringly, not a song about the craziest (?) Jackson family member.

9. The #1’s “Sharon Shouldn’t”


So not only (1) does this band possess the hardest name to find online (good luck Googling that), but (2) their debut LP is only 20 minutes long. (1) An avoidable problem that should’ve been foreseen. (2) A terrible crime that immediately demands more material – pronto.

10. Badfinger “No Matter What”

A shoe-in for the inevitable Awesome Mix Vol. 3.

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