Friday Five – August 15, 2014


Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been avoiding this shit on purpose.

Feeling a tad bit inspired following the excellent work Craig and Ken have been producing for the site, I’ve decided to put my Friday Five boots back on. Sure, they’re discolored, covered in animal feces, and may have been used to make some hobo chili, but what else would I expect upon lacing-up the old kickers of shit? After all, it was I who decided to leave them in that particular boxcar full of drunks and cats.

Or drunk cats… your choice.

Our readership is growing ever so slowly. We’re picking up an Andre-sized handful of loyal readers with each passing month. This makes me smile, something that I don’t do very often.

The smile thing? Yeah, I’m very much a geisha hide-the-smile-with-a-hand smiler. The more you know, right?

I’m planting seeds. Drop a little reference to something weird here, a quick mention of something unusual there, and voila! A reason to link back to this post in the future during an elaborate rant about said references.

This is blogging.

So if that tells us anything about the future, you can safely expect to see posts about drunk cats, hobo chili, and smiling.

The future is full of lies.

See… I just thwarted your anticipation. Now you’re under the impression that I won’t actually write about drunk cats, hobo chili and smiling. But you would be a fool to allow future possibilities dictate how you feel and what you believe in today.

Go ahead, pick it up. I left it there for a reason.

New music. It still exists. I’m going to share some with you. I like (most of) these songs, and you should too, unless you want to ride the pine with the scrubs. We’re playing blitzball up in this mutha.

1. 20 years is a long time. We can all agree on that. You know what’s been around for 20 years? Wu-Tang. And they’re celebrating their dual-decade semi-dominance of the rap game by releasing a new record. To my surprise, it’s not bad. Some of the hooks are whack, the album art is weak sauce, but I never get tired of the Wu pass-the-mic between eight people style.

Wu-Tang Clan – “Ron O’Neal”

2. Okay… this is the hot shit. Remember that Iggy chick? Well don’t. Because as far as I’m concerned, from a female MC standpoint, her career just took one to the dome. Her career’s assassin? Katie Kate. And dig this… it’s not all hip-hop. Soooo strange. Soooo good.

Katie Kate – “Canyon”

3. I’ve never listened to Spoon, and I don’t have a reason as to why.

Spoon – “Rent I Pay”

4. I don’t like this AT ALL. My ears are not ready for a mid-70s disco revolution. But it’s new… and somebody out there might like it. I personally don’t know such people, but there’s no doubt that they exist. Listening to the track as I type this, and every-so-often I think, “eh, it’s not bad.” Then I realize that I only feel that way after she says “shit” and… yep, this is garbage. Let’s hope it’s intentional.

The Ting-Tings – “Wrong Club”

(EDIT: Why am I suddenly finding this catchy?!)

5. Another band that I uncharacteristically like… quite a bit actually. This is your standard let it play on repeat for hours on end type of record. It’s not all upbeat, as this stuff goes snail’s pace at times, flirting with a post-trance vibe. All the more reason why this could be an all-day background album. That being said, this next track is not truly representative of their actual style. So keep that in mind if you pick up the upcoming This Is All Yours album.

alt-J – “Left Hand Free”

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